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English classes for children 3 to 16 years old

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Hi !
My name is Miss Vanessa and I teach the 9-12 year old groups for Kazelfa on Saturdays. When it comes to learning, I strongly believe that children learn best when they are having fun, and can relate to the material and activities being presented. Therefore, I will use a variety of ways to teach students so that all their learning needs are met. For instance, I will use technology such as videos and online games, role play activities, competitive games, and stories! Learning a new language is an incredible opportunity, so I will ensure students participate greatly and feel comfortable speaking in the classroom. I am excited to be working at Kazelfa, and look forward to taking on this new teaching journey with your child! We will all have a fun time learning!

Vanessa Viglione
Second year student in the Kindergarten/Elementary Education program at McGill University

Kazelfa is a school specialized in second language teaching for kids.
Office : 5130 av Des Mélèzes, Montréal, H1T 2H9.