Anglais pour les enfants

Cours d'anglais pour les jeunes de 3 à 16 ans

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    Venez vous amuser tout en apprenant l’anglais!


My name is Miss Samantha and I am a very hard working and devoted teacher! I have a degree in Kindergarten and elementary education from McGill University. I am very happy to be teaching the 9-12 year olds at Rosemount on Saturdays! I believe in teaching students to grasp information by providing a fun and interactive teaching approach. Students are most engaged when a lesson is done in a unique way. This being said, I have very creative ways to incorporate technology and art to make learning more engaging for the students. I also pay very close attention to my students to insure that they receive the help that they deserve. I understand that learning English as a second language can be difficult but my goal is to make all my students learn and remember my class for being fun. Students will be learning various new words and using these words in challenging sentences by participating in games and hands on activities. I am confident that my class will motivate my students to learn and I hope they will be excited to come back every week!

Samantha Rotondo
McGill University 2016 Graduate
Bachelor Degree in Kindergarten & Elementary Education (McGill University)

Kazelfa est une école spécialisée dans l’enseignement de l’anglais chez les jeunes.
Adresse de correspondance : 5130 av Des Mélèzes, Montréal, H1T 2H9